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We will work closely with you to create wonderful menus for any occasion. From bringing our converted mini to you for pizza or wraps, to whole joints of meat cooked over our charcoal grill, we will provide food that will be the talking point of your event. For those of you looking for something a little more elegant than charcoal-grilled chicken tikka wraps (although they are delicious!), Lee is a classically trained chef and is more than happy to discuss a menu that draws on his extensive fine dining experience.

Street food

We cut our teeth on the UKs streetfood scene. Ever present at the famous Digbeth Dining Club and the Seasonal Markets events in Birmingham for years, Baked in Brick became has become world famous for creative streetfood. We’ve won awards, appeared on the telly and we continue to support events up and down the country. If streetfood is your thing and there’s an opportunity for us to support your event or cater for your occasion, hit us up.


We love a good festival, so please ask if we can get involved! Come rain or shine, knocking out our pizzas and chargrilled wraps from our converted classic Mini oven is a real crowd pleaser, especially when there’s some great music going on! Drop us a line.


Whether it’s a wedding, a significant family event or a full-blown, blue-chip corporate shindig, we’ll pull out all the stops to deliver knockout, award-winning food from streetfood to fine dining. We’re the resident caterers at Birmingham’s Compound (If you’re looking for an incredible City venue, this is it!) where we’ve catered for the stars and some of the World’s biggest businesses. From Stephen Spielberg to Maserati, from McDonalds (who loved our burgers) to Facebook, we’ve fed them all!